Amy Kosmala of AIK Electrical recently installed the electrical equipment and wiring for 2 Solar photovoltaic systems at work and home. Also the wiring and equipment installation involved with relocating of electricity meters. The work was completed with great enthusiasm and professionalism and we would highly recommend AIK Electrical.

Kind Regards
Derek Thomas, W H THOMAS & SON


Amy is a real find as an electrician. She is very hard working, thoughtful, conscientious and diligently explains everything you need/want to know. She is brilliant at coming up with solutions which and has relit my dining room to great effect. Best of all is my garden tree, admired by the whole street at Christmas. It literally makes me feel joyous every time it switches itself on. Finally, Amy is totally honest and a calm, quiet presence – which, as I work from home, is a real bonus!

Jane Treays, Producer & Director Channel 4

Beyond being a highly competent electrician in her own right, what really set Amy apart was her personality. There was never any doubt that she would be  an asset to the company when dealing with clients.

If all employees were as reliable and trustworthy as Amy proved to be, both in what she did and how she did it, running a small business would be a whole lot easier.

 Seb, qualified supervisor at SMK electrical.


Amy is a joy to work with. From the moment she began working for Greenshop Solar, her cheerful manner, honesty and diligent work ethic have been an inspiration to us all. She is the benchmark for the way we would like the company to be perceived. If we could clone her, we would.

Paul Knowles, Green Shop Solar.


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